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The journey of building a blooming community

From design, development to hosting and maintenance. We are capable of assisting you in every area at every scale.


Start or refresh your community with an appealing, custom design. We take the time to listen and fuse all the best ideas into a well executed implementation of an invigorating community design.

Paint the Canvas

Through iterative design processes we create a unique and fresh design for your community. Taking to heart your brand style and stakeholder requirements, we deliver a complete template for your Flarum community.

Implementation Included

Your final design choice will be implemented by our in-house developers. No matter how fancy, stylish or complex; the implementation is all inclusive.

Customize & Extend

Our seasoned developers are able to shape your community to your needs. The diversity in our team allows us to manufacture functionality with different platform interaction, technology and needs.


Our team consists of Flarum team members, extension- and senior developers with extensive experience in Flarum and relatable software. They can easily bridge the gap between imagination and execution. Extensive knowledge of scalable architecture, highly volatile communities and contributions to the Flarum ecosystem guarantee superior deliverables.

Open First

Our reduced rate for features that can be open sourced, allows us to contribute commissioned works back to the Flarum ecosystem. Thus strengthening its growth and its feature completeness.

Managed Hosting

Focus on growing your community, let us worry about its availability and stability.

Platform for Excellence

Our hosting infrastructure is set up with over three decades of combined experiences in the hosting market, with highly volatile websites and multi million e-commerce stores.

Built for Growth

The cloud based infrastructure allows us to easily scale up with your community growth and handle massive traffic spikes. Going over your plan limit won't cause downtime on your community, but us reaching out to you for a solution.

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Interested in our services? Questions about any of our closed or open source extensions? Curious about how we run our hosting platform?

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