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Grow now

Focus on your community growth, let us take care of the infrastructure. Flarum and hosting experts teamed up to make things easy for you.

Succeeding communities

Take charge of your community growth

Stop worrying about installing or updating extensions with composer, website backups or whether your hosting plan can cope with immediate peaks of attention. Allow us to allow you to focus on growing your community into a success!

Scalable cloud

A scalable hosting infrastructure that does not kill your community the moment you are in the center of attention. Capacity limits are not enforced, if you exceed your plan regularly we simply ask you to upgrade.

Tons of Features

All communities have a massive amount of pre-installed extensions and those are supported by us to guarantee for future use. In addition we include all Blomstra premium extensions for free.

Rolling Releases

Our team is on top of new releases and will ship those in a timely manner. Your communities are updated almost instantly, without noticeable downtime.

Flarum Donation

One of our goals for Blomstra is to make the Flarum project more sustainable, that is why a percentage of our profits are donated to the Flarum Open Collective.

All Sizes

Whether you are just starting out or see thousands of concurrent users interacting with your community, we got your back! Our infrastructure allows you to grow and shrink whenever you need to.


Want to operate multiple communities and share management with your team? You're able to invite them, assign them roles and allow them to create and manage communities.

Power Up with 108 extensions

We offer a vast amount of extensions to grow your community to fit your needs! Being closely involved in the Flarum ecosystem in maintaining and developing extensions grants us a large library of addons for your forum.

Name Description
FoF Ignore Users
ignore users
Allow users to ignore other users.
FoF Gamification
Upvotes and downvotes for your Flarum community
FoF Social Profile
social profile
Add custom social media pages to your user profile
Increase your forum's security with Google reCAPTCHA
Russian language pack for Flarum.
FoF Sitemap
Generate a sitemap
FoF Pretty Mail
pretty mail
Create HTML email for Flarum
Level Ranks
level ranks
Add a level/experience bar to your flarum Forum.
FoF Moderator Notes
moderator notes
Create private notes for your forum users
Pacchetto in lingua Italiana per Flarum e relative estensioni.