Passionate about open source and dedicated to drive the adoption of Flarum forward, we have decided to band together under Blomstra. So that a reliable hosting partner exists to assist communities in their growth without wasting the environment.

  • Daniël Klabbers

    Daniël Klabbers [email protected]

    Longest serving Flarum team member turned project manager and foundation chairman. Years of experience in the hosting market. Wields business areas like a swiss army knife.

  • Meezaan

    Meezaan-ud-Din Abdu Dhil-Jalali Wal-Ikram

    Mastermind of scalable architecture with a proven record of optimizing high traffic communities in the cloud. Knowledgeable in not just tech, but organisational matters as well.

  • Ian Morland

    Ian Morland

    Respected extension developer responsible for many of the releases of the Friends of Flarum team. Skilled in many areas including devops, backend and frontend development.

  • Bart van Bragt

    Bart van Bragt

    Owner of the 100+ million post Dutch equine community Bokt, taking on all technical roles for over a decade. Optimizing servers, database queries and forums is his pastime.

  • David Wheatley

    Highly respected Flarum core team member who has been fundamental for many improvements to the Javascript frontend.


  • 2019
    After having set up the Flarum Foundation, it became evident that sustainable development requires a certain level of outside financial commitment. A company that acts as companion to the Foundation - with the imminent stable release - quickly is made a priority.
  • 2020
    With previous experience in the hosting industry and increasing interest from communities to scale based on their success, the choice to create a managed Flarum hosting service is quickly made. Having gathered a team of experts, preparations started.
  • January 8th 2021
    The Limited company Blomstra is registered in the United Kingdom. A roadmap to deploy the first communities is discussed and zealously worked on.
  • March 2021
    On-boarded the first private beta community running in full production mode.
  • August 2021
    Four active private beta communities running in production.
  • October 4th 2021
    Opened up for everyone by going into the public beta.
  • 2021
    A reliable partner for scalable, managed Flarum hosting to 10 communities.